Why I love these new Rugged Water Resistant Ugg Boots

I’ve spent the last few winters freezing in my Perth home. I’m not sure why that is, but lets put it down to trying to save on power bills coupled with a desire to walk around in football shorts all year round (it’s a Perth thing)!

Now, before you tell me this is an easily resolved first world problem, I’ll head you off at the pass and confirm that, yes, this is in fact an easily resolved first world problem. However, I’ll press-on because because for ages I have been looking for a decent pair of Ugg Boots and every year it’s been the same thing – they get sweaty and manky real quick, and within weeks they can really begin to stink.

Fortunately, I have a client who is in the Ugg Boot game and he suggested I give his new Rugged Range of Ugg Boots a go.

I must admit some bias here but from the moment I put these boots on I was a convert. The quality of the double-faced genuine sheepskin provides exquisite comfort but also reduces that awful sweaty foot syndrome you can get with cheaper synthetic ugg boots.

These Ugg Boots are water resistant – something I really appreciated on the weekend while I stood on the boundary line and watched my kids play footy in the driving rain. Normally this would mean a couple of soggy feet and a several hours of drying my ugg boots in front of the heater. But not with these. I simply wiped them dry with a hand towel and they were good to go.

The other thing I really liked about these boots was the sole which is made from a heavy duty rubber and features a deep non-slip tread profile. I actually think this is a great feature because the amount of times I’ve nearly gone “A” over “T” from slipping on wet lino or tiled floors is ridiculous (I confess I wear my uggies to the shopping mall). But yet an another advantage of that heavy duty sole is that it keeps your foot and the sheepskin above any wet or muddy surface you may encounter when you’re out and about. I mean, who wants to change out of your nice comfy Rugged Range Ugg Boots and into something sensible anyway? Hell, if I could walk around in a onesie I would too!

So to sum up. These Prestige Sheepskin Genuine Ugg Boots have been a godsend. They let me get more usage and mileage out of my uggies because I can wear them inside and out and the soles last for yonks.

The Rugged Range are available with a Low, High or Lace-up style and are available at Prestige Sheepkin in Perth right now. They have stores in Malaga, Mandurah, Midland Gate, Garden City and one in North Queensland, or you can simply purchase them online.

Prestige Sheepskin